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              Frequently Asked Questions Page 1:
 Q:  Do you service areas outside of Los Angeles County ?    
 A:  Yes, we service the entire state of California, check the
        Process Serving page for our Statewide rates.
 Q:  Should I go with the Routine, Rush, or Priority Service ?
 A:  Generally, If you need your service completed within 2 days
        we recommend Rush service.
        If you need your service completed within 24 hours or less,
        we recommend Priority.
        All other services will be considered Routine,
        and can sometimes take 5 days, or more to complete.
        ( depending on the difficulty of service, and the
           Process Server's overall workload for that week )
 Q:  I have more than one Defendant, or Witness I need served at the
        same address location, do I get a price break ?
 A:  Yes, the first defendant served is the base charge.
        The second, third, etc. are additional defendants. There is only a
        $20 charge per each additional "served at the same time, same case"
 Q:  How many service attempts do you make ?
 A:  Unlimited attempts until served. Or until we determine we have an
        incorrect address. ( defendant moved, address typo, etc. )
        We will attempt your service mornings, afternoons,  late nights,
        and weekends, whatever it takes to get your defendant served.
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